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About V V Radio

Music and love is part of life. Its an ultimate medicine to keep all the worries away by keeping you joy logging into the world of your dream.. Music has no age. The more you listen, you will be tension free..  It's to everyone.. Specifically for those who are in love.. Most songs that we play here indicates sign of love. This station is dedicated to all the lovers who love their beloved a lot.. We play evergreen songs from most popular south Indian movies and all kind of popular English album songs.

Why V V Radio?

It's because;

  • Hi Quality Stereo channels
  • We play back to back evergreen hits
  • We play your recorded voice or your recorded music instrumental clips
  • We play your requests at your specified time
  • We are one among the global radio supporting more than 5000+ users simultaneously in a single stream
  • We have touched thousands of loving hearts worldwide

Like V V Radio?

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V V Radio is a free channel and is not intended to commercialization nor to generate revenue out of music played here. We are of a small team launched with an interest to play music freely 24x7 just to keep friends & public entertained. (V V Radio is my gift to my Beloved.. -Venugopal) For any queries, please contact us at Also read Privacy Policy here.